Our Commitment

The Mankato Area Foundation recognizes stewardship of assets entrusted to us as one of our most important responsibilities. I am proud to chair the committee that oversees the investment of assets. This committee is made up of highly qualified individuals from this area—representing the legal, investment, accounting and wealth management fields. The Foundation invests the assets so that the earnings and appreciation can be used for future grants. We adhere to high standards of operational excellence and an investment policy that is regularly reviewed, updated and approved by the Foundation’s board of directors. 

- Christina Bohlke, Investment Committee Chair

Investing Policy

The overall investment strategy of The Mankato Area Foundation is to preserve and enhance the charitable purchasing power of our funds over time. To accomplish this, we retain an independent investment advisor who works with MAF’s Investment Committee to invest our funds pursuant to our Investment Policy. To see a copy of our Investment Policy Statement click here.

Financials at a Glance

As of June 30, 2020

Total Assets: $22.5 million
Number of charitable funds: 108
Total grants awarded: $1,700,000

EIN: 41-0011094          Form 990.pdf

For a copy of our audit, please email Tricia.

Funds We Hold

The Mankato Area Foundation continues to help individuals and organizations achieve their charitable goals by offering a variety of giving strategies and funds. Our donors have the opportunity to shape their donations by choosing from flexible funding vehicles including unrestricted, designated, donor advised or scholarship funds. 

Endowed Funds

Elks Charitable Endowed Fund
O.P. and E.A. Confer Fund
Ogden P. Confer Endowed Fund
Senior Citizen Endowment Fund
Thin Film Technology Fund

Designated Funds

Albert Fallenstein Fund
Brad and Ann Hendricks Fund
Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota Fund
Community Fund for Youth
Community Response Fund
Curt and Debbie Fisher Fund
Jane and Michael Kearney Fund
Women’s Giving Circle

Scholarship Funds

Charles Ingman LMA Scholarship Fund
David and Michelle Schooff Scholarship Fund
Dustin Lemke Memorial Scholarship
Florence Nightingale Scholarship Fund
Marlyn R. Heintz Scholarship Fund
Ogden W. and Jane M. Confer Scholarship Fund
Schugel Scholarship Fund
Virginia and Martin Krause Scholarship Fund

Agency Funds

Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society
Agency Fund
Educare Foundation Agency Fund
Feeding Our Communities Partners Agency Fund
Mankato Clinic Foundation Agency Fund
Mankato Youth Place Agency Fund
Minnesota Valley Action Council Agency Fund
United Way Planned Gift Agency Fund
VINE Faith In Action Agency Fund
YWCA Mankato Women’s Fund

Fiscal Sponsored Funds

Central Freedom School
Child and Family Advocacy Center
Get Mankato PPE
Greater Mankato Hockey Day Minnesota
Hope in Healing
Leave A Legacy
Mankato Regional Airport Park
Mankato Youth Place
NicBluCares Fund

Donor Advised Funds

Andy and Christine Nessler Fund
Barbara Carson Fund
Biederman Family Fund
Bob and Linda Sanger Legacy Fund
Bradley and Kathy Brozik Fund
Brian and Mary Duehring Gifting Fund
Bryan and Tami Paulsen Charitable Fund
Category One Fund
Chris Larson and Michelle May Charitable Fund
Community Vitality Fund
Consolidated Communications Community Fund
Consolidated Communications Community
Fund for Youth
Cunningham Family Fund
Curt Fisher Fund
Darlene and Allen Weckwerth Charitable Fund
David Christensen and Jill Evans Fund
Dennis and Sue Hood Fund
Devenport Educational Fund
Dobson Charitable Fund
Dotson Family Fund
Elks Charitable Fund
Gene Biewen & Noel Van Tol Fund
Glen A. Taylor Fund
Gwesyn and Gloria Griffiths Fund
Helen and Eldon Jones Fund
Huebsch Family Fund
James and Shannon Gullickson FundJean and Tim Bye Family Fund
Jim and Jennie Ward Fund
Jim and Sheri Fedson Fund
John and Jackie Bauernfeind Fund
John and Wendy Kind Charitable Fund
Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund
Joyce and Gerald Roust Fund
Kay and Lyle Jacobson Family Fund
Kendall and Rod Meyer Fund
Kenneth and Lori Smith Fund
Lawton Family Fund
Lorentz Post 11 American Legion Fund
Michael and Lisa Montag Fund
Nathan and Sarah Kerich Fund
Page Jones Richards Family Fund
Pat and Kristin Duncanson Family Fund
Phil and Margie Slingsby Charitable Fund
Polly and Bill Webster Fund
Rstom Family Foundation Fund
Ruth and Larry Mikkelson Fund
Ryan and Jill McKeown Fund
Ryan McKeown and Danielle Mehia Financial
Advisory Team Community Fund
Schooff Community Fund
Schott Family Fund
Steven and Kathleen Burnett Fund
Sugden Family Fund
Surprenant Family Fund
The Adela Rindal Foundation Fund
The Kristine Lindvall Fund
The Marva and John Harding Charitable Fund
The Norland Charitable Fund
The Ten Haken Charitable Fund
Veterans Memorial Fund
Yunkers Family Fund