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At the Mankato Area Foundation, we work as a knowledgeable and innovative resource that promotes philanthropy and drives transformative action to strengthen our region and improve lives.

For our region, we serve as a grantmaker and collaborative partner. As a resource for nonprofit groups within the Greater Mankato region, our Community Impact Grants are designed to be strategic and responsive to the ever-changing needs of our community and surrounding areas.


We are not currently accepting Letters of Inquiry.

Three times a year, the Mankato Area Foundation makes grants in response to applications received from non-profit organizations, schools, and government agencies. As part of the framework for our granting, Mankato Area Foundation funds projects and programs aimed at strengthening our region, improving lives, and fueling growth or change.


In addition to our Community Impact Grants program, many of our grants to area nonprofit organizations are made through Donor Advised Funds that are established by individuals, families, or organizations who wish to give back to the causes they care about.

Though the Foundation may make donors aware of worthy grant opportunities, Donor Advised Funds do not accept applications directly.

Community Impact Grants Update

MAY 2021

The unprecedented events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current political landscape have reinforced the importance of the Mankato Area Foundation to continue to adapt to our region's ever-changing environment. While we recognize it is impossible to plan for the unexpected, we want to continue to be flexible to the needs of our nonprofit community.

With an eye to the future, the Mankato Area Foundation and our Board of Directors have engaged in a strategic planning process. As we move forward with this, we are currently reviewing our Community Impact Grant(ing) process. During this planning time, we will not be accepting letters of inquiry. Because our Community Impact Grants are only one source for regional funding, we encourage you to continue to communicate with us, regarding local funding needs and opportunities that might align with the Foundation.

Although this has been a difficult year, we plan to use this experience to be a strong, supportive, and responsive funder for our local nonprofit sector.

Thank you for the amazing work you do in our communities, you are truly making a difference!

Get Started

As a community foundation, the Mankato Area Foundation is always looking for effective program and project ideas that can improve the livability within the Greater Mankato region.

Our grants support a wide range of projects and organizations. As our potential partner, please review our funding guidelines before submitting a letter of inquiry to determine if your program or project is a fit.

Every applicant is encouraged to contact our Community Grants and Nonprofits Specialist to discuss your project or program and answer any questions that you have. We value your time and do not want you to spend unnecessary hours and resources preparing a proposal unless there is a clear possibility of working together.


  • Applicant must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, school, or government agency located in or serving Blue Earth and Nicollet counties.

  • Projects or programs must strengthen our region, improve lives or fuel growth or change.

  • Operating grants may be considered for organizational transitions or to build capacity.

What our grants do not support:

  • Any project, activity, or event that will be completed before the grant is awarded (two calendar months after the deadline).

  • Fraternal, veterans or labor groups for activities that serve only their membership.

  • Hiring a Grant Writer.

  • More than one grant per year to any given organization.

  • Organizations serving populations primarily outside the Blue Earth or Nicollet counties.

  • Organizations that practice any form of discrimination.

  • Political activities or organizations.

  • Projects that benefit for-profit businesses.

  • Religious organizations for sectarian purposes.

  • Requests for personal use by individuals.

Community Impact Grants

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We are not currently accepting Letters of Inquiry.

Donor Advised Funds

No unsolicited applications.

For more information contact:
Sarah Beiswanger
Projects or organizations receiving funding will be required to submit the MAF Final Report Form within 30 days of completion of the project or at the completion date listed on the application (whichever comes first). Organizations receiving grants must also provide samples of marketing materials that acknowledge the MAF contribution.

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For more information contact:
Sarah Beiswanger