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In response to the COVID19’s impact on regional nonprofits, the Greater Mankato Area United Way and Mankato Area Foundation have come together to create a Community Response Fund to assist in their joint efforts to address emerging needs in our region. On behalf of both organizations, we would like to thank this incredibly generous area in advance and encourage you to join us in supporting the nonprofits that are vital to the health and well-being of our region.


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About the Community Response Fund

Established through the Greater Mankato Area United Way and Mankato Area Foundation, this fund is designed to respond swiftly in support of nonprofit organizations that are serving the escalating needs of our communities affected by the novel coronavirus. Our joint expertise in community partnerships, resources, and connections ensures we are addressing the most pressing needs to keep our region strong and balanced.

As we work in collaboration with other philanthropic partners such as regional foundations, family foundations, and individual donors, our goal is to shape philanthropy’s response as quickly and as effectively as possible during this unprecedented time.

How the Fund Will Work

The initial goal of the Community Response Fund is to address short-term emergency nonprofit needs throughout our region. One hundred percent of donations will go to charitable organizations helping those impacted by the health crisis throughout the Greater Mankato region.

The Mankato Area Foundation will administer grants from this fund in partnership with Greater Mankato Area United Way. Together we will proactively identify potential grant recipients, review needs and requests, and recommend final awards. Funds will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, making it possible to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs in subsequent funding phases. As community needs change, we will reevaluate funding priorities and disbursement.

How to Apply

Step One

Fill out our simplified application.

Step Two

We will evaluate your request and notify your organization if you are receiving funding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sarah Beiswanger at

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How to Get Involved

For an ongoing list of regional organizations’ emergency volunteer needs and needed items, please visit:

Resources and Questions

General questions and inquiries about the Community Response Fund can be directed to:

Greater Mankato Area United Way,

Mankato Area Foundation,


For interested donors and partners, please contact:

Barb Kaus, Greater Mankato Area United Way,

Nancy Zallek, Mankato Area Foundation,


For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact:

Laura Murray, Greater Mankato Area United Way,

Tricia Lewis, Mankato Area Foundation,


Nonprofit organizations with questions about the granting process, please contact:

Elizabeth Harstad, Greater Mankato Area United Way,

Sarah Beiswanger, Mankato Area Foundation,