Nonprofit Partners

The Mankato Area Foundation partners with local nonprofits to create a long-term fund held and managed by the Foundation on behalf of that organization. Also known as Agency Funds, they provide a mechanism for nonprofit organizations to establish a fund to support their ongoing operations. Mankato Area Foundation has partnered with local organizations to provide an investment vehicle for their Agency Fund. Learn More

Feeding Our Communities Partners Agency Fund

Founded in 2010, Feeding Our Communities Partners (FOCP) strives to engage the community in providing youth hunger relief and to inspire nutrition learning. The organization’s first initiative, the BackPack Food Program, discreetly provides over 900 elementary students with packs of child-friendly and nutritious food to be consumed on weekends and school breaks. To further its reach and impact, FOCP recently launched a pilot program aimed at meeting the unique hunger needs of the middle school population, titled the Power Pack Program. FOCP’s goal is to provide youth with adequate nutrition as fuel for ultimate performance in school, activities and life. Learn More

Mankato Clinic Foundation Agency Fund

In existence since 1965, the Mankato Clinic Foundation’s mission is to encourage and support the health and well-being of the community through initiatives that promote and improve community wellness. The Foundation receives the majority of its funding from Mankato Clinic physicians, along with giving by Mankato Clinic staff and the Greater Mankato community. Since 2008, the Mankato Clinic Foundation has provided more than $1,203,775 in grants and scholarships to worthwhile organizations, programs and projects. Learn More

YWCA Mankato Women's Agency Fund

Established in 1926, YWCA Mankato is a collaborative leader and catalyst for social change focused on gender and race. Through programs and events providing leadership development for women and girls, tools for self-sufficiency for New American families, and the promotion of racial equity for all members of our community, YWCA Mankato serves its mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Learn More