Melanie VanRoekel – Vice Chair

Melanie VanRoekel came to Mankato to earn her bachelor’s degree in Accounting, left for a decade and returned in 2004 to raise her family.  She considers Mankato her hometown and is proud of the community and its charitable citizens.  Melanie is the former CFO of Davisco Foods International, and before that worked as the Corporate Controller of Taylor Corporation.

Melanie and her husband, Steve, believe in giving generously of their time, talents and treasures to non-profit organizations in the Mankato area.  In addition to the Mankato Area Foundation, Melanie is a supporter of the Greater Mankato United Way, Feeding our Communities Partners, Partners for Affordable housing, Project for Teens and the Southern Minnesota Autism Coalition.  Her passions include her kids, your kids, promoting philanthropy and advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

Melanie currently serves as vice-chair of the Mankato Area Foundation Board of Directors. Appointed to the Board in 2015, she also serves as a member of the Strategy & Governance committee.